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Hikari Pearl Nucleus Factory

Company Summary:

By the request of Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearl, the founder, Mr. Sutematsu Ikeuchi has acquired the production skills and selection of pearl nucleus at a pearl nucleus factory for about 10 years.


In 1957, we started pearl nucleus manufacturing at our own factory in Matsubara-city, Osaka

and have been selling for domestic markets.


In later 1980, Tahitian pearl producer required us to produce for their nucleus and we are now selling not only Tahiti but also Indonesia and Australia.


From the beginning, we are producing our pearl nucleus by processing American fresh water mussel shell harvested in Mississippi and Tennessee rivers.


The raw materials for Akoya pearl are rather smaller, so the handling is easier, but for the nucleus for overseas is larger and heavier which results heavy burden of man power.


In 1994, taking into consideration for the elderly workers, we rebuilt 2 stories factory with crane and refreshed into semi-automatic production lines.


The most significant process is selecting pearl nucleus, which is performed by 2 -people to avoid overlooking by 1 person. Our motto is to deliver the best products to our customers by double checking.


The pearl nucleus manufacturing is the local industry in Matsubara-city. We invite pupils nearby for their experimentally study for this local industry.


Hikari Pearl Nucleus Factory

2 Chome-19-12 Obori, Matsubara, Osaka 580-0006


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